Feb. 5th, 2016

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So on Facebook, I have the Fairly Oddparents page listed under my "liked" TV shows. I liked the page ages ago, in fact. I am very fond of the show... the first three seasons. I've been saying that since even before Poof was born, and I've only felt the need to stress "the first three seasons ONLY!" only more and more since then.

This means that I saw the stuff they posted awhile ago about... omg... ADDING A NEW CHARACTER! Yes, a show that already has about ten million characters, they got the bright idea to not only add a new one, but a new MAIN character... a stupid looking fairy dog, and from what I've heard he's absolutely horrible. Clearly the writers were running out of ideas. Poof was their first attempt at a saving throw. It was a desperate measure, really. And honestly, that one didn't work out too badly. I've seen some Poof episodes and most of what I've seen were pretty solid. They just needed to firmly establish that this is the new status quo, stop adding even more characters to the cast--oh goddammit you guys.

So first the dog, and then not too long ago, I see them start teasing this new character. "We're adding a new character to the show!" Yeah, try doing something you haven't done a million times already. Okay, so it's a new girl at school... whatever. Timmy's new neighbor... okay, whatever, seems stupid but harmless...

"Timmy has to SHARE his fairies!"

Oh you have got to be kidding me.

Anyway, I hate myself, so I just watched the episode today on my lunch break.

I don't know what to say. I really don't. What can you say about a show that clearly ran out of ideas at least three seasons ago but is still desperately trying to churn out new material? What else can you say about an episode that so thoroughly changes the whole dynamic of the show (not even Poof or that damn dog did so to this degree) that you have to change the friggin' THEME SONG because of it?!

And, more importantly... why do I care? I'm nearly thirty years old, I'm a grown-ass adult with a spouse and kid and full-time job and I'm obviously not in the demographic of this show at all. In fact, seeing as I first started watching it in high school, I never WAS really in the demographic even to begin with. So why DO I care?

I guess I care because of what the show USED to be. It was funny, it was clever, it had characters that you cared about. Was it a perfect show? Not by any means. It always had its issues, even in the beginning. But back then, the strengths usually outweighed the weaknesses and produced a show that was worth watching. Now, it's just a show that's... there. And it's been giving out dying gasps for ages now and yet no one has the mercy to just put it out of its misery.

The show deserved better than this, you guys. It deserved to end on a high note, or at least end with some of its dignity still intact. I don't think they can end it like that anymore, not after what they've done to it. It's just too far gone now.

I know, I know... I shouldn't care. I shouldn't care about some silly little kids' show. But this show meant a lot to me. It was actually the fandom that led me to DeviantArt (not that I'm on DA anymore...). I churned out so much fanfic for it. Cosmo/Wanda was my first real OTP and I still adore their relationship. It's why I was okay with the introduction of Poof--and I'm still alright with him as a character. True, the "add a baby to the main cast" is usually a last-ditch effort to keep the show going and it usually backfires, but come on, this is Cosmo and Wanda's baby, something that most of us FOP fans (especially us Cosmo/Wanda shippers) had been wanting to see since the beginning, so I can't hate the character at all. But... let's be honest. The show should have ended there. It really should have ended before there, actually.

Right now, I'm honestly embarrassed to admit to liking the show. Even with that all-important qualifier "only the first three seasons!". It's just been stomped so thoroughly into the ground that it's even tainted my memories of what it used to be.

I do have a couple of early episodes on a flash drive somewhere, though... oh yes, and there's also this channel!


Looks to be the first four seasons... and it's apparently the production company behind those seasons, so it's doubtful the channel will be taken down (fingers crossed!).

I think I know what I'm watching tonight to get the bad taste of the newest season out of my head.


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