Oct. 11th, 2016

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We're back. Survived the family reunion. My MIL will be bringing Lydia back Friday afternoon.

The reunion itself went alright... it was definitely great to see family I hadn't seen in awhile... but the aforementioned crap my in-laws pulled, in addition to the expected headache of making a six and a half hour trip with a toddler, PLUS new crap from my mom, has made James and I agree that we pretty much won't be doing this again... or at least not until Lydia is much older.

Actually, and alluding to how crappy the trip down there was... I was actually at the point that I was more than happy to leave Lydia with my in-laws and let them have to deal with driving her back here. My main worry was that she would be inconsolable when we left, but we actually all ran an errand this morning and then James and I left from there back home, so we weren't "abandoning" Lydia at her grandparents' house and so she was totally fine with us leaving. (Granted, I kind of think she would have been fine regardless. She is totally fascinated by dogs, and my in-laws happen to have three. Lydia's pretty much in heaven there with the dogs and anyone else is chopped liver when they're in the room... and of course the dogs are fascinated by her too, so they are rarely away from her side lol)

I apologize for any typos... I've had a few glasses of wine. After this weekend, it's pretty much a given lol


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