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Well, I figure it's been awhile since I've done a true life/fandom update here.


We'll start with Lydia, of course. She'll be eight months old in about a week and is definitely keeping us on our toes. She eats everything (whether it's actually edible or not), talks and babbles all the time, and is fascinated by any new thing. She has two teeth, sits up on her own perfectly, finally decided that she likes rolling around (especially in her crib or when I'm trying to change her diaper), and while she's not crawling yet, she's definitely getting close.

Unfortunately, she'll soon be sporting a helmet twenty-three hours a day. :( She's been in physical therapy for a few months because of torticollis (basically, she usually has her head cocked to one side) and it's caused the left side of her head to get flattened. So the helmet will get her head evened out, and supposedly may help her even hold her head level, too. I know, I know, in the grand scheme of things this is pretty minor and if this is the worst problem she'll ever face, then she's got it made. I just can't imagine wearing that helmet will be comfortable, especially when she sleeps.

Gix is still doing fine too. Still working at the university, still composing and arranging, will be the music director for the community theater he's involved with for the third year in a row this coming June. He just recently had another one of his flute choir pieces have its premiere with a featured low flutes expert soloist:

As for me, I'm still working for the city and playing in flute choir (not the one Gix wrote that piece for, lol... I'm in a much smaller, less formal one). Seeing as I've barely lost any pregnancy weight (and was overweight to begin with even before I got pregnant) I'm trying to get into the habit of working out a couple times a week. Of course, since I work full time, spend the evening with Lydia until her bedtime (around 7 or 7:30 usually), and also since Lydia is a very early riser (between 5 and 6 most mornings... urgh, can't taaaaaake iiiiiiiiiiiittt...) I don't have a whole lot of time in the evenings, especially considering I've been going to bed pretty early lately because I know that little chatterbox baby in the next room will be waking me up at 5:30 lol. Plus there's all the house chores and upkeep that we can't really put off anymore, so I've been trying to keep on top of all of that too.

So as you can imagine, I really haven't had much time for much else. I've been scrapbooking and coloring a little bit, but mostly I've been playing Pokemon on my 3DS. So here's the thing--despite being a 90's kid, I've never actually played any Pokemon games until now. Obviously I knew what it was (I distinctly recall my classmates in sixth grade trading Pokemon cards during lunch), but seeing as the only video games I ever played as a kid were actually computer games, it was just something I never got in to. Gix, on the other hand, is a huge gamer and was really determined to get me hooked on it. I actually started playing X back when I was pregnant with Lydia, believe it or not. I played about halfway through the game but then kind of forgot about it until after Lydia was born. I then finished the game, caught all of the Pokemon I could in that game, and then Gix so so kindly decided to fuel my oncoming addiction and bought me Omega Ruby out of the blue lol. So as of right now, with his help, I have a living dex of 713 Pokemon species, and the only ones I'm missing are the mythical ones that will be released throughout the year anyway. (I was super excited to get my Mew and Celebi!) I've even been going on the GTS to get various form differences of them too. I am a little too proud of the fact that I have acquired all of the non-event patterns of Vivillon. It took a lot of doing! lol so anyway, this whole paragraph is to shake a fist at my husband for getting me hooked on this game... it was no surprise that I, being the completionist I am, literally had to "catch em all".

I still haven't lost my love for cartoons, but it's been pretty dormant right now. The cartoon I've been watching the most of is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, which really isn't too bad a show for the little kid set. Lydia LOVES it, especially the Hot Dog Dance--she freaks out when it comes on at the end of every show.:p But fear not, friends, for these next few years are shaping up to be a great time for us fans of nostalgic cartoons... potentially. I'll wrap this entry up as if it were old times and give my thoughts on two old favorites of mine that are getting rebooted soon.

First, The Powerpuff Girls reboot. My feelings on this are... mixed. I think it's horrible that Cartoon Network didn't even ask the original VAs of the Girls to reprise their roles (especially learning that they all said that they would have happily done so if they had been asked back). I suppose it's nice that they're giving new female VAs their time in the spotlight. But it still seems really suspect that the rest of the (mostly male) cast still have the same voices, you know what I mean? And watching the clips that CN have been posting to the PPG Facebook page lately, I'm less than impressed with the new choices. Blossom sounds super generic, and Bubbles... she just doesn't sound like Bubbles at all. She's missing that sweet, bubbly quality to the voice that's obviously necessary for the role. I can live with the new Buttercup... she's passable and is obviously making an effort to infuse the voice with Buttercup's spunk and personality. But Blossom and Bubbles' new voices just aren't doing anything for me.

With that said, I am pretty pleased with the action I felt from the new clips. It may not sound like the Powerpuff Girls, but it looks like the Powerpuff Girls, if you know what I mean? I'm glad that the Girls' updated look didn't stray too far from the originals either. Watching the clips, I thought, "Yeah, I recognize this. I recognize this as PPG." If I turn the volume off, I can enjoy it even more! ;)

I will probably tentatively be giving the show a chance when it debuts... whenever it debuts. Next month, I think?

The one reboot I am super excited for is the DuckTales reboot coming next year: LOOK AT THAT TEASER IMAGE. MY DREAMS HAVE COME TRUE. Okay, so calming down a bit, the majority of the criticism I've seen regarding this first look is that the style looks too similar to the new Mickey Mouse shorts, so let me just go on the record and say that I LOVE THE SHIT out of those shorts (the humor, the design, the plots... everything), so of course I'm totally on board with this redesign. My biggest fear when they first announced this was that it would be CGI, so I am of course relieved and ecstatic to see them doing more with this traditional style! And of course, if Donald will be more of a major character this time around, that would be the cherry on top. Hoping that underused characters from the original show like Gladstone Gander and Ludwig Von Drake (still my fave Disney character) get some more love, too!

I'll wrap this rambling entry up now. Hope everyone's doing well. :)
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So on Facebook, I have the Fairly Oddparents page listed under my "liked" TV shows. I liked the page ages ago, in fact. I am very fond of the show... the first three seasons. I've been saying that since even before Poof was born, and I've only felt the need to stress "the first three seasons ONLY!" only more and more since then.

This means that I saw the stuff they posted awhile ago about... omg... ADDING A NEW CHARACTER! Yes, a show that already has about ten million characters, they got the bright idea to not only add a new one, but a new MAIN character... a stupid looking fairy dog, and from what I've heard he's absolutely horrible. Clearly the writers were running out of ideas. Poof was their first attempt at a saving throw. It was a desperate measure, really. And honestly, that one didn't work out too badly. I've seen some Poof episodes and most of what I've seen were pretty solid. They just needed to firmly establish that this is the new status quo, stop adding even more characters to the cast--oh goddammit you guys.

So first the dog, and then not too long ago, I see them start teasing this new character. "We're adding a new character to the show!" Yeah, try doing something you haven't done a million times already. Okay, so it's a new girl at school... whatever. Timmy's new neighbor... okay, whatever, seems stupid but harmless...

"Timmy has to SHARE his fairies!"

Oh you have got to be kidding me.

Anyway, I hate myself, so I just watched the episode today on my lunch break.

I don't know what to say. I really don't. What can you say about a show that clearly ran out of ideas at least three seasons ago but is still desperately trying to churn out new material? What else can you say about an episode that so thoroughly changes the whole dynamic of the show (not even Poof or that damn dog did so to this degree) that you have to change the friggin' THEME SONG because of it?!

And, more importantly... why do I care? I'm nearly thirty years old, I'm a grown-ass adult with a spouse and kid and full-time job and I'm obviously not in the demographic of this show at all. In fact, seeing as I first started watching it in high school, I never WAS really in the demographic even to begin with. So why DO I care?

I guess I care because of what the show USED to be. It was funny, it was clever, it had characters that you cared about. Was it a perfect show? Not by any means. It always had its issues, even in the beginning. But back then, the strengths usually outweighed the weaknesses and produced a show that was worth watching. Now, it's just a show that's... there. And it's been giving out dying gasps for ages now and yet no one has the mercy to just put it out of its misery.

The show deserved better than this, you guys. It deserved to end on a high note, or at least end with some of its dignity still intact. I don't think they can end it like that anymore, not after what they've done to it. It's just too far gone now.

I know, I know... I shouldn't care. I shouldn't care about some silly little kids' show. But this show meant a lot to me. It was actually the fandom that led me to DeviantArt (not that I'm on DA anymore...). I churned out so much fanfic for it. Cosmo/Wanda was my first real OTP and I still adore their relationship. It's why I was okay with the introduction of Poof--and I'm still alright with him as a character. True, the "add a baby to the main cast" is usually a last-ditch effort to keep the show going and it usually backfires, but come on, this is Cosmo and Wanda's baby, something that most of us FOP fans (especially us Cosmo/Wanda shippers) had been wanting to see since the beginning, so I can't hate the character at all. But... let's be honest. The show should have ended there. It really should have ended before there, actually.

Right now, I'm honestly embarrassed to admit to liking the show. Even with that all-important qualifier "only the first three seasons!". It's just been stomped so thoroughly into the ground that it's even tainted my memories of what it used to be.

I do have a couple of early episodes on a flash drive somewhere, though... oh yes, and there's also this channel!

Looks to be the first four seasons... and it's apparently the production company behind those seasons, so it's doubtful the channel will be taken down (fingers crossed!).

I think I know what I'm watching tonight to get the bad taste of the newest season out of my head.
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I'm posting this a little earlier than usual, but since one of the questions is "what WILL you be doing for Christmas" as opposed to "what DID you do for Christmas" I figure I've been posting it too late in previous years anyway.

No, I don't know why I keep doing these. I guess I like looking back on them down the road and seeing where I was at the end of each year.

2015 in review )
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I wasn't planning on writing this, because trust me, I don't think strangers (or even people I know) care too much about my birth story, but I wanted to write it all down while it was still fresh in my mind, and I also am thinking about submitting it to a mom group I'm in on Facebook (because despite my thoughts, I actually do enjoy reading other people's birth stories to an extent). It's also kind of long, but I feel like I need to start at the beginning (that is, the beginning of James's and my relationship) to tell the whole story.

I don't go into too much graphic detail, but general warnings for talking about miscarriage, pregnancy, and childbirth in here. Also, again, it's long. Don't say I didn't warn you. :P (Actually, again, I don't care if anyone reads this or not... just wanted to write it down for myself)

Birth story. )
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-Lydia is three months old as of this past Saturday and doing really well! She eats like a horse and is already in six month sized clothing. She also babbles and smiles a lot!

-My birthday is this coming Saturday and I'll be 29... last year of my twenties. Does that mean it's my last year before I'm really old? ;) I kid, I kid. We're going to the Husker game against Northwestern because I hate myself and want to cry on my birthday. (We're 3-4 this season, and those four losses have all literally been in the last SECONDS of the game. It's heartbreaking to be a Nebraskan this year, lol. But they played a good game last weekend, so hopefully they keep their act together for my birthday too!)

-However, we'll probably be leaving after the halftime show, and not just because I don't want to see them lose again. It's because we're moving! WE CLOSED ON OUR HOUSE TODAY! That's right, after the first house we wanted not accepting a VA loan and a string of houses we were really interested in getting bought ten minutes afterwards, we found a beautiful house still on the (very in-demand) school district I wanted to stay in, 3 bed 3 bath, built-in 2-car garage, HUGE backyard, impeccable upkeep from the seller, only one block away from the assigned elementary school (and again, in a very in-demand and fantastic school district)... and it was still available! Gix viewed it on a Thursday, I went with him again on a Friday, we made an offer Saturday, and after a little back and forth that night... we both came to an agreement. And today we closed on the house! We have the keys! WE HAVE A HOUSE, GUYS. This is still so hard to believe. I could hardly get Gix to even think about buying a house even a few months ago. I think the realities of having Lydia made him change his mind. And... WE HAVE A HOUSE! Still can't believe it. We're going to be moving over as much as we can starting tonight, and my parents will be coming on Monday with a U-Haul with furniture I inherited from my grandma to help us move the big stuff! Hopefully by the end of the day Monday we'll be mostly moved in!

-Today is also my stepson's tenth birthday! Gix talked to him on the phone a few days ago and told him about the house, but it'll be fun to actually call him to wish him a happy birthday from his new bedroom. :)

-Sam's Club was offering free membership for a year to new moms last month. I wasn't sure if it was real or not, but I emailed my info and sure enough, I got a card in the mail about a week ago! We took it in and got signed up, and oh man is it nice to be able to get stuff at Sam's without having to go with my mom and pay her back. The $2 gallon of milk alone is worth it. :D

That's about it. Life's been going great! 2015 has been a great year (knock on wood). So excited for the future!

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[Error: unknown template qotd]When I was younger (ie, in college) my standard answer to this was 1. to be able to understand and speak every language on Earth fluently; 2. to be able to play every single musical instrument at at least a decent skill level, and 3. to have no hair on my body other than my eyelashes, eyebrows, and on my scalp. Now that I have a new baby they'd probably be slightly different, so here goes... 1. to be able to buy the house we want (we've hit a slight snag), 2. that she has a healthy and happy life, and 3... probably the hair thing again for me.

If I could grant anyone else's wishes, I'd want to grant my husband's. Could I do both? Then he could do the wishes for the house and our daughter and I can make those selfish ones lol.
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As always, LJ's always the last place I post lol

cut for big cute baby pic )

Lydia was born on Friday the 17th at 2:42 PM, weighing a perfect seven and a half pounds and measuring a perfect twenty inches. We couldn't have done that better if we tried. ;)

I'm still healing from the episiotomy I had to have (seriously, TMI here, but I finally pooped this morning after being terrified to try this entire weekend and I've never been so proud of myself) and obviously trying to figure out this whole parenting thing. The husband and stepson have been a big help. All three of us are so happy to have the little sweetie finally join our family. :)
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(pokes belly)

You read what they say. Today is your move-out day. YOU HAVE OFFICIALLY OVERSTAYED YOUR WELCOME. GET OUT.

I'll update again when she cooperates... which hopefully won't be too much longer!
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I met with the diabetes educators/professionals today. The first one I met with was the dietician. I think the second one was an actual doctor, although I'm not sure (she seemed young... younger than me, although I know getting an MD would still be possible). Anyway, they both told me that I'm managing my GD really well. The dietician told me I need to basically stop eating pasta, and limit how much milk I drink (boo) but said I was was pretty well on-track for everything else. And a bonus--she actually told me to snack MORE. I told her I've been eating about every three to four hours because I get pretty cranky if I don't, and she actually told me to add in another snack time. Plus, I can have--and am in fact encouraged to have--things like crackers, peanut butter, and cheese for snacks. Like, for ALL my snacks. SCORE! The other person gave me some pointers with my meter and how to check my blood sugar, and told me to work in physical activity every day, but I only need like twenty to thirty minutes per day, which is definitely doable. In fact, it doesn't even need to be all at once, which makes it even easier. (Plus I've been wanting to get in more workouts anyway.) And the best thing? I actually LOST two or three pounds since my last OB appointment a week and a half ago. I've already gained thirty pounds during this pregnancy, and I was way heavier than I wanted to be even before I got pregnant, so I wasn't wanting to gain much more weight, if any. Hopefully I can stay at this weight and the only one actually gaining weight is behbeh.

Speaking of behbeh, I had my OB appointment and ultrasound right after meeting with the diabetes folks. I was surprised to find out at the ultrasound that not only is the baby in a head-down position (I was still convinced she was transverse, aka horizontal), but she's at about an average weight for her gestational age. In her case right now, five and a half pounds or so. So she's doing really well. My OB told me that my amniotic fluid is a bit on the low side (well, the low side of okay levels) so she's going to be keeping an eye on that. I get another ultrasound in two weeks, I need to continue keeping track of my blood sugar four times a day still, and after that appointment I'll have to start coming in twice a week for "stress tests". But we're both looking to be in pretty good shape.

Oh, and the husband is picking up the stepson (well, his son, my stepson, you know) on Sunday and then he'll be with us until August! So he'll get to meet his little sister pretty much as soon as she's born. :)

Anyway, I'll probably have another snack soon and then go to the fitness room to get about a half an hour's workout on the treadmill. Then... I dunno. But there will be another snack later in on the night. ;)


NSFW May. 29th, 2015 08:10 pm
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( You're about to view content that the journal owner has advised should be viewed with discretion. )
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A new review has been posted to your story.

Story: I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight
Chapter: 1. Chapter 1

From: sarah (Guest)

sarah:who ever wrote this story is a psychopath there is an immense amount of disgusting language in this story
there is no way I will ever believe this actually happened in the princess and the frog (never in a million years) this story could have been good if you removed the swearing and the inappropriate language I understand that Naveen is a playboy and I don't think he is a virgin as he has dated thousands of women but I am sure there is a much more decent way you could have written this in your story. Tiana is the total opposite of who she portrays in your weird story frankly she is persistent and motivated (decent)your so repulsive and obnoxious . show compassion if a little child were to find this it would have definitely corrupted there innocent vulnerable mind (you know exactly what this means) my dad is a police officer and I could have told him about this so he can track whoever has done this


There's things I could say to this, but... uh, I've said it all before in response to reviews like this, so really all I have right now is laughter. Thanks for the laugh, Sarah!

Although I've never been threatened to have the police sent after me. I guess that is a new one. brb lolling forever XD

(I'm at my parents' right now. Our neighbors/very-very-very-longtime-friends-of-the-family (they practically are family by now) are throwing me a baby shower this afternoon. Not to be greedy, but I'm looking forward to presents. Hooray for getting baby stuff that I don't have to pay for! (And then I can go ahead and buy the rest of the things I need and finally start getting the apartment ready for behbeh. Yay.)) :)
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Baby's growth is right on track, everything looks great according to the OB, and it's a girl!

We were hoping for a girl, so we're pretty happy about it. Letting the buying of baby gear commence! :D

Sims post!

Feb. 2nd, 2015 12:31 pm
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I'm posting... about Sims! OMG! It's like I'm legacy playing again (even though I'm not). :P

I'm actually posting because I had a very, very weird glitch in my Sims 3 game happen last night. I had a pregnant Sim who hadn't had any fertility treatments or watched the kids channel/listened to kids music.

She had QUADS.

I know, that's not actually in the game coding. I'm sure I had a glitch that had one (or two, or three) extra babies pop out before the glitch stopped. I remember reading a Sims 2 legacy back in the day where the mother had six babies at a time, but that was a documented glitch of the mother just getting stuck in the pregnancy animation basically and to stop the flow of babies the Sim had to be reset, as I recall. But no resetting here... it was just like triplets being born, and then OMG FOURTH KID.

I got them up to kids last night, because I didn't want to deal with four babies/toddlers any longer than I have to. Actually, all these years of simming has made me kind of a pro at raising Sim kids. (Real-life kids, the jury's still out on that one... the one I'm growing right now will be an unfortunate guinea pig, lol.) I did age them from babies to toddlers pretty quickly, and aged them to kids once all four of them had learned to walk, talk, and gotten potty-trained... but I actually managed it pretty well. I even kept the parents in pretty good moods throughout it all as well. It helps that one of them had only a part-time job and the other had a work-at-home profession.

Actually, you know who the dad was? Remember my legacy? The dad's Calvin! When I moved into the neighborhood and my Sim met Calvin I just couldn't resist to have him in my game again, lol. And I figured out something interesting about his genetics, too. When playing the Sexsmith legacy, most of the kids had weird eye colors, which I attributed to Commie's yellow eyes... but of the quads, two of them had those weird red eyes, despite having a blonde, brown-eyed mother. I even got weird hair colors this time--only one of the quads inherited their mother's blonde hair. The rest got this... I don't know how to describe it. Super light red? Almost pink? Yeah, really, their hair is nearly pink. It's totally bizarre. All I can figure is that Calvin just has bizarre genetics hiding behind a seemingly ordinary exterior.

The land of The Sims 3... always an interesting ride. :D

(If you're wondering if I have Sims 4, Gix did buy it and I've tinkered around with it a bit on his computer. While it's not as bad as I thought it would be, I still... was not impressed. Even Gix, who does like it better than 3, has described it as being a "dumbed-down" version of the game. With a few exceptions, it's an overall dull experience playing it, and totally not worth the $60 it's going for. $20, maybe. Maybe. But definitely not $60. I'm just glad Gix is the one who spent money on it and actually sort of likes it, lol.)
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Yeah, I pretty much do this every year purely for my own benefit. :)
2014 in review )

Happy New Year to all!
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( You're about to view content that the journal owner has advised should be viewed with discretion. )
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Oh God, I did it.


...and I still don't know how I feel about it, but it's posted now and there's not a damn thing I can do about it, aahh ha HAAAAAAA kill me

And if you're surprised by the pairing, then you don't know me vewwy well, do you? :P

Okay, can I get back to more normal pursuits now?

(gets ideas as to how to finish up her Mojo/Bubbles story)

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There are a few interesting tidbits about my life recently that some of you might find interesting.

Number one, I'm so distracted that I've been a forgetful dumbass all day. I forgot my flute at home when I left for work (I have band after work), I nearly left my water in my car when I did get to work, and when I filled up my car with gas after work, I discovered that I had forgotten to put both my driver's license and my credit card back in my billfold... four days ago.

Number two, I'm randomly moving a lot more, especially when sitting in front of a computer screen. I'm twitching more, I'm physically getting up and moving more, and sometimes I don't even notice it.

Number three, I've listened to music like this pretty much nonstop...

Others too, but this one in particular. As in, I've listened to it probably a hundred times in the past few days.

You all know what this means, right?

It means I'm writing again.

It means I'm writing fanfic again.

It means I'm writing hero/villain fanfic again.

I wasn't going to post about it because I don't want to jinx myself by talking about it and then never finishing it like what happened so many times in the past, but I've gotten so much in it already and I can't stop now and I can't stop thinking about this damn thing oh God help me God help you oh my fucking God

I'm back, bitches?

please oh please don't let typing this entry totally jinx it oh please oh please
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Rant ahead, take warning.

crap, this got long )

ugh man I'm sorry for how ranty and rambly that is and that all my LJ seems to be good for nowadays is rambling and Petz. Better than nothing though, right? :/


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