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Okay... two down, twenty-eight to go. :D

So, what this project is--I'll be breeding up to five generations of purebreds. Perhaps, once I feel like devoting more time to this project, I'll go for all eight generations. For now, though, with five generations, what that means is that I'm starting off with sixteen first generation Petz from the adoption center, breeding them, then breeding their kids, then breeding their kids... and so on. With the first generation I bred up to five times, stopping if I got a mutation. By the second, third, fourth, fifth generations, I didn't need to go very far to find them. If you are purposely trying to get mutations (and using PetzA, of course), it's actually pretty easy, I was happy to find.

A note about mutations, for those of you who don't have Petz and don't know what I'm talking about, relax. :) Mutation simply means something being bred that isn't in the adoption center, aka first generation, variations. Mutations can be eye colors (which could, theoretically, be anything) and fur colors. In Petz, there are ten naturally occurring fur colors. You can see them here. (I would be more inclined to say tan rather than sand, and brown rather than chocolate, but you can see what they all are there.) So the point of this project is to get as many of those as possible in my purebred Petz, combined with differing eye colors.

I've started this off with my favorite Catz breed and my favorite Dogz breed--calicoes and poodles. Since I've bred a ton of them before, I came in knowing what to expect.

The calicoes )

The poodles )

Coming up next... tabbies and sheepdogs. :)


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