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Two quick things:

First, regarding my Sims legacy. I have a way to play it again... I think. I'm going to move my family over to my husband's old laptop. (Luckily he has a newer laptop, because with Sim City 5 out today he's never going to leave his computer screen. Yes, we are both dorks. :D) That's going to take me awhile to set up, though, because he only has up to Ambitions installed on that laptop, so I'm going to have to get the rest of the expansion packs installed, and then move my family over (hopefully with their house, but if I have to just move the family by itself and build them a new house, I'll do that too). Since I'm extremely occupied with my Petz right now (seriously, they're all I think about anymore :D) that probably won't be happening in the very near future. But I do have a plan, and I'm hoping it works, since the game on his laptop has no mods and isn't broken. Yet. ^^;

Second, I forgot to mention in yesterday's entry that I have another B&W shorthair besides Pouncer, but he's hexed and thus unusable for my project. I know, that sounds like something completely pointless to go back and point out, but I meant to show you his picture, because seriously, Space Monster is AWESOME. LOOK. Yes, he was that tiny as a kitten. And yes, he is that huge as an adult. And yes, he has no legs or butt. And yes, he's friggin' AWESOME. But I'm sure you can all very clearly tell that he's hexed. :P

Okay. Let's get on with the kittens and puppies for today!

The honey bears )

The papillons )

Persians and bulldogs are coming up next! :)


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