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Sorry for the delay, everyone. Urgh holiday season and all. Anyhoo, on with the show.

Chapters 4-6 )
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As promised, here is the link to the first chapter so you can read along with us and share in our misery! :P

Thanks for your patience in waiting for this. Hopefully the next entries will be up faster. :D
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A few weeks ago, my husband, [ profile] gixander*, and I were in Target when we happened across the books and saw this one:

*I don't mind mentioning that his real name is James, but I'll be referring to him as Gixander or Gix throughout this review, so as not to confuse him with EL James should I mention her. (And if I do, I'll probably refer to her as ELJ anyway... but I hope if I slip up and call either one of them James it's obvious which one I'm referring to.)

I work in a library, so I had seen this book (the first of a trilogy) and its companions before. It's one of those erotic romance books that have always been around, but have been popping up more frequently now with Fifty Shades of Grey's runaway popularity. I had been somewhat morbidly curious about this book, and other recent ones like it... just how much like Fifty Shades is it? Is it as rage-inducing? Or is it actually better?

I told Gixander I was toying with the idea of reading this book. He picked it up, opened to a random page, and started reading. It took less than a second for his facial expression to turn into this:

That's when I knew I HAD to buy this book. :)

Starting info, back cover summary, and prologue )

This book has forty-four chapters, and given my work schedule and the other things I have to do besides work, I can tell you that at the absolute most frequent, I'll only get an update up around once a week. At the most. Since the chapters are short and I don't really want to spend an entire year on this (although I probably will anyway), I'll probably try to fit a few chapters in each update.

As far as the more adult stuff goes... first of all, yes, these books obviously have adult content. I'll try to list trigger warnings when applicable (although the number of them is pretty small, actually, especially compared to Fifty Shades).

Also, in regards to the BDSM aspect (which is actually fairly tame, to be honest), I'll admit I'm somewhat vanilla in my sexual experiences, so any comments on that will be based more on what I've learned about it than personal experience. What I do know is that BDSM does not equate to an excuse to be an asshole.

And one more thing. Those of you familiar with the sporkings done at [ profile] das_sporking will notice I'm not quite as... unforgiving, I guess, as they tend to be. It's just my nature to give people the benefit of the doubt, to admit "I think what they were trying to say is such and such". But I also know that words mean things, and intent and what actually comes across can be at odds with each other. So I'll try to be a little more stern than I usually am, lol.

Hopefully chapters 1-? will be in a week or two. Hope to see you there. :)


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