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you're watching your tv show or movie or whatever it is, and that couple that you wanted to see together but knew they never would (because all the couples you ship are ultimately doomed from the start like that and you know it) actually get together! and are happy! and you're like "omg i have to post this to livejournal because my ship finally happened and that never happens to me omg i'm so damn excited over this!"...

and then you wake up.

at 1:00 pm.

this was on the heel of a weird dream about being in a hotel or convention center or something and a bomb going off and a train careering right towards your mom and the little old lady who was taking care of you at the hotel for some reason and you see the horse that the little old lady is so attached to so you run off and pick up the horse (?) and carry it to safety while your mother shields the old lady from the train and yadda yadda yadda i should have realized it was a dream before then, especially because i always have strange dreams when i'm sick.

i had already called in sick to work from my first job today (before falling back asleep until 1:00, of course)... and i'm probably going to end up calling in sick to my second job, too. i'm exhausted. in fact, i probably would still be asleep right now if i didn't force myself to get up then because i don't want to be awake all night. james is home sick too, so at least i'm not lonely. not that either one of us is being very conversational right now. i mean, i'm so tired i can barely talk. i'm too tired to even use the shift key, as you can see. i forced myself to make lunch even though i wasn't hungry and i ended up spilling it all over myself and the floor... fail katie, fail.

sorry. am bored and trying to keep myself occupied on until 4:00, which is when i'm going to email my boss and tell her i'm sick. i hate calling in (or emailing in) sick, even when i actually am sick... and i'm really just more tired than sick.

wheeeeeee. i need to cut back my hours.


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