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Feb. 2nd, 2015 12:31 pm
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I'm posting... about Sims! OMG! It's like I'm legacy playing again (even though I'm not). :P

I'm actually posting because I had a very, very weird glitch in my Sims 3 game happen last night. I had a pregnant Sim who hadn't had any fertility treatments or watched the kids channel/listened to kids music.

She had QUADS.

I know, that's not actually in the game coding. I'm sure I had a glitch that had one (or two, or three) extra babies pop out before the glitch stopped. I remember reading a Sims 2 legacy back in the day where the mother had six babies at a time, but that was a documented glitch of the mother just getting stuck in the pregnancy animation basically and to stop the flow of babies the Sim had to be reset, as I recall. But no resetting here... it was just like triplets being born, and then OMG FOURTH KID.

I got them up to kids last night, because I didn't want to deal with four babies/toddlers any longer than I have to. Actually, all these years of simming has made me kind of a pro at raising Sim kids. (Real-life kids, the jury's still out on that one... the one I'm growing right now will be an unfortunate guinea pig, lol.) I did age them from babies to toddlers pretty quickly, and aged them to kids once all four of them had learned to walk, talk, and gotten potty-trained... but I actually managed it pretty well. I even kept the parents in pretty good moods throughout it all as well. It helps that one of them had only a part-time job and the other had a work-at-home profession.

Actually, you know who the dad was? Remember my legacy? The dad's Calvin! When I moved into the neighborhood and my Sim met Calvin I just couldn't resist to have him in my game again, lol. And I figured out something interesting about his genetics, too. When playing the Sexsmith legacy, most of the kids had weird eye colors, which I attributed to Commie's yellow eyes... but of the quads, two of them had those weird red eyes, despite having a blonde, brown-eyed mother. I even got weird hair colors this time--only one of the quads inherited their mother's blonde hair. The rest got this... I don't know how to describe it. Super light red? Almost pink? Yeah, really, their hair is nearly pink. It's totally bizarre. All I can figure is that Calvin just has bizarre genetics hiding behind a seemingly ordinary exterior.

The land of The Sims 3... always an interesting ride. :D

(If you're wondering if I have Sims 4, Gix did buy it and I've tinkered around with it a bit on his computer. While it's not as bad as I thought it would be, I still... was not impressed. Even Gix, who does like it better than 3, has described it as being a "dumbed-down" version of the game. With a few exceptions, it's an overall dull experience playing it, and totally not worth the $60 it's going for. $20, maybe. Maybe. But definitely not $60. I'm just glad Gix is the one who spent money on it and actually sort of likes it, lol.)
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Well... I have some bad news.

The Sexsmith Legacy, unless if something completely amazing happens, is probably not going to be updated anymore. To put it simply, my game is becoming too buggy to play. I can still play it, mind you, but... well, let's look at all the issues I'm having. In addition to the no books and can't sell written novels issues I've already touched on, I have also encountered:

-a really ridiculous travel bug in which Calvin and Commander went on a free vacation for two days--and didn't come back. (And trust me, I would have whined and complained about that one in the update, if I bothered to write an update, because it was getting crazy with Ricky trying to take care of the household all by himself and two days had passed, then three, and I COULDN'T GET THEM TO COME HOME...) My husband, bless his heart, managed to find a way to bring them back, so the bug was dealt with... for the most part. Calvin and Commie are still apparently tagged as traveling in the game, so when I have either one of them (or anyone else in the household) click on the phone and try to travel, the option is greyed out, saying "the adults in this household are already traveling". It's not a huge deal, but it means the kids who have the adventurous or disciplined traits have traits that are pretty much worthless if I can't take them traveling to explore and learn the martial arts skill.
-the kids' after school activities have stopped working, leaving them to just stand like idiots outside of school when the school day is over, not getting on the bus and when I try to send them to their activity, I get an error message "you must be in class first"
-I can't send any of them to boarding school, either--the only school listed in the options for enrollment is the local high school
-while cooking skill is being learned, with Commie at level 4 and Calvin at level 6, they're not learning any new recipes. All they can make is the level 0 stuff: waffles, salad, hotdogs, and mac and cheese. That's it. Again, when complaining to my husband about it, he looked up the issue and found that it's an issue with EVERY skill that gives you a new interaction or thing learned at each level--which is, you know, EVERY SKILL IN THE GAME pretty much.

One or two of them would have been annoying, but still work-aroundable. But with so many little things piling up like this, the game just isn't fun to play. It's annoying to not have things work like they should. Especially for someone like me, who plays the game focusing on gaining skills... and the game is just stripping all the enjoyment and satisfaction from that.

I moved all my mods to a completely separate folder and installed the newest (like a week old) patch, but none of the problems were fixed.

The only things I can think of to do would be to A. start a new family in a new save file, which wouldn't be the Sexsmiths, because even though I could start Commie over again, and even if she did marry Calvin again, they wouldn't have the same kids and it just wouldn't feel right... or B. uninstall and reinstall my game. Which would not only take awhile, but wouldn't even be guaranteed to work with my base game, Late Night, and Generations expansion packs, since I bought those all on disks and my computer doesn't always like to read disks.

So... until now, and until some miracle happens that'll fix my game, my Sims playing is being put on hold indefinitely.

So, as a final farewell to the Sexsmiths (or at least a very long hiatus), I'll leave you with some pictures of Commie and Calvin's midlife crises. They both had one, and they both had a lot of crazy wishes going along with it... ie, Calvin wanted to grow facial hair and Commie wanted a complete wardrobe makeover.

You know you want to see it. )

I think they'll do just fine in Simsland without my guidance. They're sure looking snazzy, even snazzier than before. :D

Sooooo. As I sat around, trying to figure out what to do with my spare time without the Sims, I idly thought, "Well, I could play Petz again..." and my mind just went into complete and total overdrive. "Yeah! I could start a huge breeding project! I could breed a lot more calicoes and poodles! Hey, why stop myself there? Why don't I breed interesting purebred mutations for ALL THIRTY BREEDS?!

And yes, I've started it. :) And by started it, I mean I've already finished the the calicoes (five generations... starting with eight base couples, I think that's enough. I was going to do eight generations, but that would have taken a ton more trips to the adoption center). I meant to make them non-inbred, but I bred the calicoes in a kind of stupid, haphazard way, so some of them are slightly inbred... but I got quite a few cool mutations, especially for only 4-5 generations. :)

I'll post pics of them once I've done poodles, too. I realize that pretty much no one plays Petz anymore (and of course, I mean the old, classic Petz--NOT that new crap they've got for the Nintendo DS, what the fuck is that shit anyway?) and I don't know if any of you will care, but I'm going to post it anyway. For a starter, I'll post the quickie breading I did of my all fifteen breed Dogz and Catz couples.

Piiiiiiics )
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First the meme, because it's short.

Day 06 - Favorite super hero and why )

And now, the legacy update!

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Eastern Nebraska got dumped with a ton of snow last night/this morning. Bizarrely enough, the library was only opening late (and it was only late for a handful of the branches) instead of closing. We were told at the staff meeting we had the other day, however, that if it was especially bad out and work was still on, feel free to not come in (I work in collection processing, so we're not vital to the day-to-day running of the library... and we have very little to work on right now, anyway). When I woke up the snowplow still hadn't gotten to my apartment driveway/parking lot yet, so I just called in. (Wouldn't have felt safe driving on these roads today anyway.)

So. Snow day! I decided to update my legacy. And finally something happened!

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