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Um... hi! How have you all been? I keep forgetting that I have this journal...

I have been a very happy Commander as of late, and I'm sure you probably know why...

...this is everything I'd hoped it would be you guys, AND MORE.

Ahem. Organized thoughts... oh and SPOILERS!!!

-I'm still a huge fan of this art style and, to be honest, I prefer this style to the style the original show was in. I was a tiiiiiny bit disappointed that the animation itself wasn't as dynamic as it seemed to be in the preview, but that's a tiny quibble, especially considering the style makes up for that.

-Still not really feeling HDL's new voices, to be honest, BUT! I definitely like the new, different personalities they have. They're much more interesting characters now.

-On the other hand, though, Webby's voice has grown on me, and I totally love what they've done with her character this time around. I think it goes without saying that she as well is a much more interesting character. ;)

-As a fan of Donald, I like how fleshed-out he is here, too!

-and Scrooge, unf. SCROOGE IS THE BAMF TO END ALL BAMFS. goddammit Scrooge you magnificent bastard you.

-And hell, Glomgold! MOTHERFUCKIN' GLOMGOLD! I didn't really care for the physical changes they'd made to him and he was always kind of a boring character in the original show to be honest, so I didn't have high hopes for him, but omg, on top of everything else this show has redeemed Glomgold in my eyes too. He is a HOOT! :D

-...can I just say that I love all of the characters and leave it at that? Lanuchpad, Mrs. Beakley, EVERYONE omg. There literally isn't a character here that I don't care about, which is more than can be said for the original DuckTales.

-Of course the thing I'm most excited for is the ending revelation. HOLY FUCKING SHIT THEY'VE ACKNOWLEDGED DELLA. DELLA (or at least her past/disappearance) IS GOING TO BE IN THIS SHOW. To be honest, that almost makes me forget that I'm still upset that we haven't seen anything regarding Magica de Spell yet. I seriously thought Disney considered Della to be dead, never to be mentioned, etc... but out of the blue THERE SHE IS. You should have seen my reaction when I first watched this lol.

So yeah, I think that about sums it up... I think it's okay. ;) lol. All kidding aside, this is AWESOME and all (well most) of my exceedingly high expectations were met. If Magica does show up in a later episode (and I kind of get the feeling they're building up to her (probably surprise) reveal considering she's not in the opening sequence but supposedly there's concept art of her for the show... I mean the opening clearly highlights Scrooge's Number One Dime, MAGICA SIMPLY CAN'T BE TOO FAR BEHIND) I'll be a completely satisfied happy camper.

Lydia likes the show, too! I'm super stoked that there's a new DuckTales show for her to grow up with and something we can watch and enjoy together. She's two, by the way... how the hell has it been two years already?!

Also, and as if I'm not fangasming enough over this new show, the 90's kid in me is also completely freaking out over these two previews... fucking perfect. Both of them. They look like the originals, they sound like the originals, and yet they're continuing/updating them for a new time...

God damn is it a good time to be a 90's kid. XDDDDDD
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It's that time again! Yes, for me to crawl out of the shadows, prove that I'm still alive, and info-dump uninteresting information about my year!

Year in review: 2016 )

Yeah. 2016 wasn't anything exciting or memorable for me, at least compared to 2015. But it certainly wasn't a bad year, either, so I am not at all complaining about that. :)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Maybe I can ring in the new year by finishing the fanfic I'm working on. Hoping I'll be able to soon! (DAMN YOU TEAM ROCKET)
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We're back. Survived the family reunion. My MIL will be bringing Lydia back Friday afternoon.

The reunion itself went alright... it was definitely great to see family I hadn't seen in awhile... but the aforementioned crap my in-laws pulled, in addition to the expected headache of making a six and a half hour trip with a toddler, PLUS new crap from my mom, has made James and I agree that we pretty much won't be doing this again... or at least not until Lydia is much older.

Actually, and alluding to how crappy the trip down there was... I was actually at the point that I was more than happy to leave Lydia with my in-laws and let them have to deal with driving her back here. My main worry was that she would be inconsolable when we left, but we actually all ran an errand this morning and then James and I left from there back home, so we weren't "abandoning" Lydia at her grandparents' house and so she was totally fine with us leaving. (Granted, I kind of think she would have been fine regardless. She is totally fascinated by dogs, and my in-laws happen to have three. Lydia's pretty much in heaven there with the dogs and anyone else is chopped liver when they're in the room... and of course the dogs are fascinated by her too, so they are rarely away from her side lol)

I apologize for any typos... I've had a few glasses of wine. After this weekend, it's pretty much a given lol
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I wrote another one. Also cross-posted to AO3. More adult, more rocketshippy, more... melons. I guess. Why am I still giving the Pokemon anime any of my time and attention, again? Oh right... it's stuff like this. YEEEEEHHHHS

Life's been busy for me, as usual. Currently trying to deal with the fact that in a mere twenty days from now, I will no longer be a twenty-something. Trying to simultaneously enjoy the last of my twenties while also make my mind get used to thinking of myself as... thirty. Sounds weird. Especially as I sit here posting near-smut fanfic of children's cartoons, you think I would have outgrown this years ago...

Hope you're all doing well. :)


NSFW Aug. 23rd, 2016 08:56 pm
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Day ten )
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Day nine )
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Day eight )
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Day five )
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Day four )
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(first pic was from family pics taken yesterday, second pic from today)

Would you believe Lydia is one year old today? Because I can't. And yet I can, miss "I can stand up by myself and keep insisting on using the spoon myself during meal times (even though I'm nowhere near proficient with it, I still want to do it myself dammit)".

Happy birthday, sweetie!

(Day four of the Petz gameplay will be up... sometime. After this past week and especially today I just need to relax and do absolutely nothing for a bit.)
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Day three )
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Day two )
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As I mentioned in my last entry, I've gotten back into Petz recently. I realize that most of my readers here will have no clue what I'm really doing here, so I'm going to try to explain what this is without making me sound like a crazy person lol

I've been selling and buying (mostly buying) Petz from PUGS (, and I've also been participating in the events there to get event points to buy even more Petz. (I have two great ones I've bought with my EP already!) But it's getting harder and harder to work towards those quests now that, number one, I have less time (family's staying at our house and will be for quite a bit), and number two, the remaining quests are just a pain to complete. I've actually been working on two of them for about a week now, and I'm so close, but SOOOOO FAR. Seriously, I've bred both of my "so close" couples probably five hundred times and still haven't gotten them. Urgh.

So it's nice to take a break from the headache that is those breeding quests and focus on a gameplay contest instead!

Day one )
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Hi guys. :)

Just letting you know I'm still around. I've dipped back into Petz, so I've been updating the crew pages and show record entries here, so my profile keeps saying I've updated pretty much every day, despite no new entries, lol. Anyway, that's what's going on there.

Not much else to say. Things have been going well for me and mine lately. :)


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